Sunday, March 24, 2013

Danziggy Has A Facebook Page!

No, I don't have a comic for this, Danziggy actually does have a Facebook page, since no one reads my fuckin' blog anyway. I'll be adding the old comics a few at a time to not overwhelm everyone's hunger for stupid, but he'll still have a home here. After all, I draw the l'il bastard anyway.

Since a plain text post ain't much fun, here's a t-shirt/movie idea for anyone who actually reads this crap. Enjoy!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Danziggy seeks religious advice!

He may be about to see the light...
I had some free time to put this together at zinefest. Dig!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Danziggy Is Lost!

Since Zinefest officially starts tomorrow, I have a new Danziggy comic for you. Danziggy lost his mother in the mall, so he went to the information kiosk for help!

I hope he doesn't have to look until he's bleeding!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Peehole #10: Voids!

With Zinefest right around the corner, I have a brand new minicomic ready! Peehole #10, Voids, will be first available this Saturday at my table at Chicago Zinefest. It is actually a set of two minicomics (very mini indeed, at 2.5" wide by 2" tall) made up of post-it note drawings from work. These are different than the post it note drawings from Peehole #1, as the folks at work knew of my activities and actively encouraged me to make them.

See, when an old file was to be sent to the archives and replaced with a new file, both files were sent to the secretary, with a post-it note on the old file saying "void", so that she would know to send it to the inactive section. I got bored and drew little pictures on mine. Here are two examples:


When I left that job, she scanned the ones she saved and sent me the files. There were about 60 I was able to clean up enough to be recognizable. Since I could not fit all of these into one tiny minicomic, I made two, which I'll have available as a set. The covers look like so:

Nice and spartan, just like my other work based drawings. This will probably be the last of my post-it-notes-from-work comics, because my current job is way too busy to give me time to doodle anything worthwhile.