Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peehole #7 - Danziggy II: Lucifudge!

Ok! Peehole #7 is out! The second installment in the series, Danziggy II: Lucifudge, is ready to go! I'm working my printer and special stapler overtime as I type and will have this up on Etsy and at Quimby's Bookstore within the week. You buy! You buy now! Ok!

(UPDATE: At Quimby's now. Buy it from them and help feed their cats as well. Quimby's is awesome.)

Yes, I did reuse an earlier comic for the cover instead of creating a new one, but what's it to you, eh?  I was not willing to draw a picture of Danziggy's hairy chest with his hands clutching a crucifix necklace to make this more authentic or anything. One can take a joke too far.

Buy it! Help me feed my cats!

Look at these guys; do you want them to go hungry?


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