Friday, March 09, 2012

Peehole #8 - Strange Dreams Volume 2!

As promised in my last post, Peehole #8 is done. Here is the cover art!
Dig. I'll have copies available at the Chicago Zinefest tomorrow, and afterward I'll drop off some copies at Quimby's and put it up on Etsy as well.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Zinefest Preparation *plus* Peehole #8!

So! I am busily preparing for Zinefest coming up this weekend, printing and stapling comics at lightning pace*, as well as getting the layout set for Peehole #8, which I will be debuting at Saturday's festivities.  I have a few sneak previews of the issue already up on the blog here. Seating assignments for the fest have been set up, and I am going to be up on the 8th floor, at Table 57. Here is floor map! Come by and say hi!

*I did state earlier that I was making my cats do the stapling and folding at sweatshop wages so that they would be pulling their weight around the house more, but that didn't work too well because their little paws can't operate a stapler, and the couldn't earn sweatshop wages because cats don't sweat. So I took over the stapling, and I put them to work giving me back rubs instead.