Friday, February 10, 2012

Chicago Zine Fest!

So, I am going to have a table at the Chicago Zine Fest this year. Actually, half a table, because that is how they do it. I'll have all seven issues of Peehole available, and I am hoping to have an eighth issue finished by then. (fingers crossed!)

It's 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday, March 10, at the Conaway Center, Columbia College, 1104 South Wabash, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Earth. Plus some activities at Quimby's the night before.

Poster by Lilli Carré.

Should be fun! Come see me and say hi! And buy my comics! Help feed my cats! They haven't been pulling their weight around the house, so I've been putting them to work stapling my comics together at sweatshop wages.

Also, make sure to pronounce "zine" the way you would pronounce "dine" or "mine", because it's funnier that way.

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