Friday, April 20, 2012

April 28 at Quenchers! With Whales and The Family Ghost

Next Saturday I'm playing at Quenchers with Whales and The Family Ghost! Here is the poster:

Confusion? Unfortunately, The Uncertain Sea of Denver, CO, is unable to make the thousand mile trek across the continent for the show. It's a hell of a long drive and gas is stupid expensive. Also, this was meant to be a record release show for Quarter 5 of the PRF singles club, of which all of the above bands plus two more will be a part of, but due to some difficulties with the pressing plant, it will not be ready in time. It's probably my fault, as (though I am not usually superstitious) for every single record release show I have ever had, the record was not ready in time. Every single one. It's ok though, because this will be an awesome show, and I will have new songs, and The Family Ghost is coming up from Memphis, and Whales are great.

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