Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Couple of Show Videos from Caffeinated Recordings

My good friends at Jim and Matt at Caffeinated Recordings have taped a few performances of mine in the past year. Here's me at Quenchers back in March opening for my friends Bone and Bell and the Columbines. I was added to the bill the night before after Seek Dark Seek Flesh had to drop out of the lineup due to a sick band member, and I was a little slack in my preparations, as you can see from the equipment malfunction early in the song. For percussion I use a metal pan and a maraca attached to a kick drum pedal. The maraca is attached with a metal hose clamp that sometimes comes loose, so I have to tighten the screws before each show. Well, I didn't remember before the show, so it flew off into the audience a few seconds in. Witness my friend Faiz attempting to fix the problem and everyone laughing at my misfortune. The sound guy came through with some electrical tape and saved the day, and everything went pretty well after that. I covered two of my favorite songs in the set - "New Pants and Shirt" by Killdozer and "Prayer to God" by Shellac. Hopefully I have not tarnished the legacy of these tunes. Enjoy!

Also, Jim and Matt recorded Red Swan's performance at Klas Bohemian Restaurant out in Cicero last fall for the PRF BBQ Auktoberfest. Being October, the idea was for every band to be in costume, so we decided to dress as banana republic dictators. I didn't have time that morning to write "El Presidente" on my sash, but the point came across. We don't have time for many Red Swan shows anymore now that we're split between Detroit, Lansing, and Chicago, but I thought this one turned out pretty well.  Matt recorded the sound through the soundboard, mixed it, and edited that into the video, which was shot from two angles. Damn fine work he did there.

Red Swan will bury you!

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