Sunday, June 19, 2011

Peehole #4

So I have been making a mini-comic called Peehole for the past few years.
Mostly drawings of silly stupid crap like this:
That there is from issue #1, pictures of crap I drew on post-it notes at work. If you are my current boss and you are reading this, please be aware that it was at my old job, because I am a good worker now and would never even think of slacking on the job anymore. I've done 3 issues so far. Well, Peehole #4 is finally finished. This issue is based on an art project I took part in called the Sketchbook Project, where everyone involved was given a sketchbook and a theme. My theme was "It's Not Easy Being Green". I suppressed my urge to draw filthy pictures of Kermit and Miss Piggy and instead drew some pictures of random green weirdos.  Here is a preview of the cover:

 This one took a while to prepare because the paper in the sketchbooks was off-white and thin, so the pictures looked yellowish and some of the pictures had ghost images of the picture on the other side of the sheet showing through. For any other comic I would have grayed the image and messed around with contrast and sharpening and called it good, since my other comics have been printed in black and white only, but the green color is important for this issue so it took a lot more photoshopping than usual.

I'll be taking some copies up to Quimby's later this week. Also I'll have them at Quenchers this Thursday for the PRF BBQ 2011, which I will talk about in a later post.

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